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Cruz Thru Car Wash

Does Cruz Thru Car Wash use recycled water?

Yes! We proudly use recycled water throughout our wash process. We also use recycled, non-potable water on our landscape, and for washing down our concrete, and wash bays. Our water recycling system is capable of producing over 100 gallons of recycled water a minute, which is much more then we need to get your vehicle clean. To ensure even more water savings, we utilize a computerized car wash system that turns soaps, waxes, and water spray on precisely on the front of your vehicle, and off as soon as the rear bumper passes. img

Cruz Thru has been designated as WaterSavers™

Cruz Thru has also been designated by the International Car Wash Association as WaterSavers™. To earn this certification, a car wash must meet:

Water Quality Criteria
  • Route all water discharge to a treatment facility or leech/septic field.
  • Have a backflow prevention device installed and operable on the potable water supply.
  • The car wash must meet all local effluent criteria.
  • Water Conservation Criteria
  • For conveyorized or in-bay/roll-over washes, use an average of no more than 40 gallons (151.5 liters) of potable/fresh water per car.
  • Use spray nozzles with maximum water efficiency and inspect the nozzles annually.
  • For self-serve washes, maintain high-pressure wash nozzles and pump systems that use less than 3 gallons (11.4 liters) per minute.
  • Keep water-saving devices at original or improved specifications.
  • Re-use spot-free reverse osmosis concentrate ("reject") in the wash process (if such a system is installed).
  • Interesting water facts

    At Cruz Thru, our goal is to use less than 20 gallons of water per vehicle, of which 90% of that is recycled water.

    To put that into perspective:

  • Toilet flushing uses up to 5 gallons per flush.
  • Running your dishwasher at home uses between 5 and 14 gallons.
  • Washing your car at Cruz Thru: approximately 20 gallons, of which around 90% of that water has been recycled from water used before in our wash process.
  • An 8 minute shower uses between 8 to 20 gallons of water.
  • Taking a bath uses between 10 and 40 gallons of water.
  • Using the washing machine at home is between 13 and 50 gallons of water.
  • It takes up to 140 gallons of water to wash your car at home in 10 minutes.
  • How does your system work?


    It's actually quite simple:

  • 1. Water that we use to wash your vehicle is captured inside the car wash (right underneath the conveyor that pushes your car thru the wash), and then flows into our Reclaim Tank.
  • 2. Inside the Reclaim Tank, mud and other large particles are caught, and this is mud is saved in the tanks until it can be pumped away at a later date. A pump system sucks water out of these Reclaim Tanks, and thru filters and a cyclone which removes all small particles down to 5 microns, and injects it with ozone to remove any smell and color. Once water is injected with ozone, it actually smells like a bubble bath!
  • 3. The water that has been thru this process is now reclaimed/recycled water, and is used in the wash process again.
  • 4. Recycled water is also pumped out to our sprinkler system, and we use recycled water for both irrigation and in our hoses we use to wash down our site.
  • How is washing my vehicle at Cruz Thru better than washing it at home?

    Studies have shown that washing your vehicle at home has a major impact on the environment in several ways:

  • Engineered studies show that a standard 5/8" garden hose running at 50psi (typical for a residential water system) uses 14 gallons of water a minute. Up to 140 gallons of water can be used in a 10 minute car wash at home.

  • When you wash your vehicle at home, it will send all the corrosive and potential toxic substances that are on your vehicle into the gutter. This can include degreaser, detergents, brake residue, antifreeze, grease, oil, rust and asbestos. Gutters run to the public storm drain system; store drains are designed to handle rain, and are not subject to any pretreatment before being released into the drinking water table, rivers, lakes or the ocean.

  • Soaps, or even just hosing your car off at home dislodges pollutants from your vehicles wheels and underbody, and it can end up in streams or drinking water sources.

    Here's how Cruz Thru is different:

  • Typical conveyorized car washes use about 30 to 50 gallons of water per vehicle, which is much, much less than washing at home (up to 140 gallons for a 10 minute home car wash). At Cruz Thru, we use even less than that! Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to use more recycled water in the wash process than ever before. Computerized brushes and spray turn the wash equipment on at exactly the front of your car, and off exactly at the back of the car to ensure that not a drop of water or soap is wasted. Our machine that purifies our recycled water can produce up to 90 gallons a minute, far more than what is needed to wash a vehicle.

  • By law, all commercial car washes are required to release any excess water into the city sewer system, which is treated before being put back into the drinking water system.