About Us

With a trained staff of employees, multiple locations and state of the art technology, you just might think that Cruz Thru Express is a nationwide chain or franchise. However, Cruz Thru Express is a locally owned and operated business, with our Headquarters located right here in Bakersfield.

Cruz Thru Express Car Wash first opened its doors in November 2002, and since then, has grown from one location, the original site in downtown Bakersfield on 23rd and K Streets to our newest facility on White Lane and Buena Vista Road in beautiful Southwest Bakersfield. If there isn't a Cruz Thru Express near you now, who knows? Perhaps there will be one soon!

Our success is directly associated with our ownership, management staff and employees. Terry Houchin, Frank Hobin and Raymond Roselle have over 50 combined years in the car wash industry; their continual drive to go the extra mile and create both a pleasant work environment and clean facility shows from the moment you drive onto one of our locations. We are constantly receiving compliments from customers who tell us our employees have taken the extra steps to ensure that their visit was a enjoyable one. One of the most frequent compliments we hear is, “You have put together a really good team.” We truly do believe that as a team, we can do amazing things.

The equipment inside the carwash tunnel and our fastPass Memberships is the second reason for our success. Cruz Thru Express strives to give the customers a fast, inexpensive and thorough way to keep their vehicles clean. From Cruz Thru Express' custom blend of carwash chemicals, to top of the line wash equipment, our dedication is to deliver a clean, dry automobile to you every time. Cruz Thru Express pioneered the automated membership system and with our fastPass Members lane, you can save valuable time by not having to wait to be cashed out by our staff; if you're an Unlimited Monthly Member, you simply pull into the Members Lane and the gate will open right up for you. If you have purchased a Prepaid Card, all you have to do is pull into the Members Lane, slide your card into the card tray, and away you go.

Our company is dedicated to improving our trade and providing better service and time-saving steps to have our valued customers return time and time again.